Advanced Aurora Photography Class

Are you a photographer with some experience but not so much in Night- or Aurora-photography?

Come out and spend a night with our skilled Aurora- and Wildlife-photographer Frank Stelges and learn the tricks to give your pictures the final touch!

Learn how to adjust your settings manually, how to take care of your precious camera-equipment in the cold climate of the Alaskan interior and how to create these amazing Northern-Light-pictures you see everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, flickr & Co. !

Learn how to shoot time lapses and how to create video clips with these.

Get to know the right software and how to develop your pictures in Lightroom!

While waiting for the Aurora to come out, improve your skills in Night-photography and shoot pictures of the beautiful Alaskan starry sky or create some unique light-paintings!

Learn about the Aurora and what creates this beautiful phenomenon of nature!

The workshop will take place at our Aurora Bear - Lodge just a 25mile-drive out of Fairbanks and its light pollution.

The short theoretical introduction will be inside our warm and cozy Lodge - a place where you always can come in and warm up again!

  1. Free pick-up at your Fairbanks accommodation

  2. No theoretical overload

  3. Maximum 4 persons

  4. 5h time to learn and practice

  5. Freshly remodeled place to warm up with indoor bathroom

  6. Hot drinks and cookies available
    Homemade midnight snack

Itinerary :

8:30pm    Departure from Fairbanks

9:15pm    Arrival at the Aurora-Photography-Lodge

                Class: „How to photograph the Aurora Borealis“

                Short theoretical introduction

                Time to practice and improve your new skills under

                the guidance of our professional photographer

3:00am    Arrival back in Fairbanks

What to bring :

  1. DSLR camera with manual

  2. Fast wideangle lens f /2.8 or larger

  3. Solid tripod

  4. Shutter release if you have one

  5. Extra camera batteries if possible

  6. Headlamp or flashlight

  7. Warm clothing and shoes

8:30pm - 3:00am                $275.- per person

for further questions:

(+1) 907 750 7572

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